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Sept & Oct 2023: Platforms & Selfies a commissioned site-sensitive work for Arts in Romney Marsh  at St Georges, Ivychurch, Kent


Platforms & Selfies
A platform can be understood as a raised flat surface, a website, an app or digital space, a political space, or a communication medium.

Visitors were invited to take a stand on one of the platforms—to gain a different perspective of the church and to become an elevated view for other visitors. To look and see where the sea levels might rise to, and to imagine how high a stand they may be forced to take. To ask could you stop taking photos? Should you stop taking as many photos? Maybe delete more?

What are the questions we should be asking about fast photography? Should we worry about digital photo hoarding? Should we know about the carbon footprint of our digital images and data storage? Or is it better to pressure organisations to decarbonise their supply chains and infrastructure? or to criticise their water consumption?

What is our future with digital images?